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Transforming Views of Male Fertility

Dear Friends,

One of the greatest gifts we can receive is a child. Having the ability to conceive a child is a gift just as great as the child itself. Around the world, there are millions of couples who desperately want this gift but are deprived of this experience despite their best efforts and the support of educated, impassioned medical professionals.

I have spent more than 23 years in this field and have had the privilege of witnessing the joys and, yes, the sorrows within the hearts of couples trying so desperately to have children. The emotional pain of those who cannot conceive is excruciating.

Although both the woman and the man are part of this rigorous process to conceive, it has always perplexed me why medical research and psychological attention has largely neglected the man. While infertility impacts men and women equally, industry has failed to pay attention to the underlying causes of male infertility. Current tests often do not give medical professionals enough information to explain the cause of a man’s infertility, which can be extremely frustrating and emotionally challenging.

In 2013, I was given the opportunity to spearhead an effort to introduce a game changing technology that would not only focus on this neglected part of research, but also initiate a transformation in how the community views fertility treatment options.

The ground breaking research that paved the way for this advance was performed by Dr. Alex Travis, one of my current business partners, who spent more than 15 years studying male fertility and the  critical process of capacitation, the process sperm must undergo to become able to fertilize an egg.  I invite you to read more about capacitation and his discoveries here.

Based on his discoveries and the work of our passionate, knowledgeable team at Androvia, medical professionals will finally be able to determine the functional ability of sperm to fertilize the egg through a revolutionary laboratory developed test called the Cap-Score™ Sperm Function Test.  This test determines one of the most important metrics within a semen analysis, the Cap-Score™, which assists couples and their medical professionals to make more personalized decisions than ever before about which fertility treatments may be best for them.  It gives me great satisfaction to be a part of this solution for couples globally.

At Androvia LifeSciences, we are dedicated to improving the ability of reproductive health specialists and couples in better understanding the individual causes of infertility to help couples attain the gift of conceiving a child.

As pioneers in the practical application of capacitation for better understanding fertility, and one of the few companies in the world dedicated to male fertility, we are honored to assist you on the quest toward achieving conception, and the gift of life.  We understand your frustration and are with you on your journey.



Michael V. Novinski
Chief Executive Officer
Androvia LifeSciences LLC