Experiences in Infertility

Stories from others dealing with male infertility

The medical challenges of male infertility are compounded by the fact that, while infertility affects men and women equally, the majority of social support around infertility is disproportionately focused on women.  Often, men end up feeling isolated.  However, it is normal to be emotionally distressed, and it is healthy to talk about it.  If you have male infertility, you are not alone.

“…the thought of my family line being extinguished overwhelmed me” – Tom Teicholz, The Emotionally Exhausting Journey That Is Male Infertility

“one of the few things we men feel we are biologically pre-programmed to do besides kill spiders and move heavy furniture is to become daddies, and when that doesn’t go according to plan, well, we tend to take it personally. VERY personally.” – Greg Wolfe, Fathers Day Can Be a Painful Reminder to the ‘Spermally Challenged’

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