Capacitation and Conception

Capacitation is key to conception

New study confirms clinical test, Cap-Score™, is capable of predicting and ranking a man’s fertility.

Our studies of capacitation paved the way for the Cap-Score Assay. Androvia co-founder Dr. Alex Travis, who made a number of discoveries related to capacitation, describes the process of capacitation in this video.

Capacitation is the process sperm must undergo to become able to fertilize an egg. Inside the female tract, the membranes of capacitating sperm undergo several changes that allow sperm to:

  • Start a hyperactivated swimming pattern so it has the ability to move through the Fallopian tube and through the external covering of the egg.
  • Undergo a process in which enzymes are released that enable the sperm to pass between the cells surrounding the egg, and interact with the external covering of the egg.

The changes that occur as a result of capacitation collectively enable the sperm to fertilize the egg. If capacitation does not occur, the sperm cannot fertilize. While other male fertility tests measure sperm concentration, motility and morphology, the Cap-Score™ Assay  is groundbreaking in that we believe it is the only test developed to help determine if the sperm is able to fertilize an egg. By developing a way to measure sperm’s ability to capacitate, Androvia hopes to help couples find the right fertility solution for them.

fertility-4 Capacitation may be a factor in up to half of male infertility cases.

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