Shorten Your Journey
to Parenthood

Cap-Score™ Test – the Tool to Assess a Man’s Fertility

There is now a male fertility test that can shorten your journey to parenthood. It is the Cap-Score™ test, a new benchmark for measuring male fertility. Previously, there was no measurement of a man’s fertility. But now there is, quantifying the ability of a man to create a pregnancy.

The Cap-Score test makes it possible for you to take control of your personal fertility journey and predict your probability of creating a pregnancy - before you even start.

Whether you’re just thinking about starting a family, actively trying at home, or even if you’ve been struggling to get pregnant, Cap-Score provides incredible insight for any couple.

Know Your Probability of Conception

A man’s probability of creating a pregnancy can range from 7% to 80%. Knowing where the man falls within this range, gives couples the information necessary to make informed decisions about their fertility.

When a Cap-Score test result is above 27.4, there is a greater than fourfold increase in conception during the first attempt, and a threefold increase during the first three attempts.

With a Cap-Score test result in the teens, conception is still possible, but perhaps it’s going to take longer and it might be advantageous to speak with a reproductive specialist.

Cap-Score helps clinicians more accurately identify the role male infertility plays in a couple’s journey. It thereby helps identify where the infertility lies, allowing the clinician to personalize treatment options from the start, and dramatically increase success, reduce costs, and shorten your infertility journey.

Knowing your Cap-Score can offer you peace of mind.

Revolutionary Technology for Male Infertility

Male infertility is a large and growing problem. 50% of male infertility cases are unexplained. Traditional semen analysis cannot test a man’s ability to fertilize.

By predicting the man’s probability of creating a pregnancy and becoming a dad, Cap-Score provides a better understanding of potential problems and shortens your infertility journey. Clinical studies show a 300% improvement for first-try pregnancies.

The Cap-Score test provides an assessment of sperm on a molecular level to determine a man’s fertility and his probability of creating a pregnancy.

Cap-Score also is a powerful tool when it comes to understanding and managing your fertility.  Simple changes to lifestyle, diet and exercise may positively improve a man’s fertility. The Cap-Score test offers a way to measure your progress.

Let Cap-Score help guide you and your clinician on a successful journey to parenthood.

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